General Service
(Teens 15 through 17yrs)
Classroom and Behind the Wheel Instruction
(Texas requires 32 hours classroom instruction, 7 hours of driving and 7 hours of driving observation)
Contact us for pricing (469) 855-5397
Classes available (Teens 15 through 17 yrs)
  • Defensive Driving
  • Teenage & Young Adult Classes (18 - 25) 6 Hour Course: 
Must pass with a 70 or above.  According to Senate Bill 1317 - Less Tears More
Years Act, a 6 hour drivers education course is required or dirvers license applicants
18 years of age and older.
  • Adult Driver Education Classes (26 & Up) Must have proper ID before and ADE Certificate is given.
  • Senior Readiness & Skill Improvement (Katie's Law:  Helping Senior Citizens improve their driving skills.
  • Enrichment - Anyone who wants to improve their driving skills.
Adult Education
*An assessment will be given for each adult

*Cancellation of any of these 4 lessons without 24 hour prior notice will result in a reinstatement fee of $20.

  • Pay attention at all times and be aware of their surroundings
  • Comprehend the lesson being taught.
  • Show improvement and give feedback before proceeding on to the D.P.S. office for the test. (This means you should retain the skills and instructions taught in previous lessons)

The instructors are aware that it is natural for many new drivers to be nervous the first time they drive. However, if you suffer from extreme anxiety or nervousness, you should consult a doctor especially before proceeding to the Department of Public Safety (D.P.S.) for your driving.
TX Drivers Handbooks will be provided
You are expected to bring
a notepad
a black pen throughout the entire course of instruction
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Keys Driving School
Instructed by a Certified School Teacher
"Safety is our #1 Priority"
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